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Legend Regional &
Legend Route 66 (high fructose corn syrup free)
Barbecue Sauces

Legend Regional BBQ Sauces
Our premier collection of barbecue sauces in flavors typical of five of the main geographical areas of the U.S.A.
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Legend Specific & Legend Route 66
(high fructose corn syrup free)
Barbecue Sauces

Legend Specific BBQ Sauces
Requested by our customers and created with the intent of specific use for beef, pork, fowl, and seafood.
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Legend  Specific &
Legend Route 66
(high fructose corn syrup free)
Grilling Sauce

Legend Grilling Sauce
Our grilling sauce is lighter than a barbeque sauce and designed specially to work with the texture and cooking requirements of seafood.
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Barbecue Rubs

Cheyenne Meat Rub
An alternative to sauce, our Rubs for Meats, Fowl and Seafood impart a slightly sweet, slightly smoky, always tasty flavor when grilling or slow roasting.
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Temptation Classics
Pasta Sauces

Temptation Classics Pasta Sauces
New from Seasons Harvest, these rich, traditional red pasta sauces are an all natural ingredient in quick and tasty meals everyday or on special occasions.
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Southern Borders

Southern Borders Salsas
A new addition to the Seasons Harvest family of products, these salsas range from the traditional to 21st century flavor mixtures.
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Salad Enlighteners

Spirit Salad Enlighteners
Our delicious four fat free salad dressings are known as "splashes." Ours are made from fresh fruits, and herbs.
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Times Remembered
Dessert Toppings

Times Remembered Dessert Toppings
Not just for ice cream but versatile in so many creative ways. Decadent, maybe, but a true reward and perfect treat.
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Times Remembered
Fondue Sauces

Times Remembered Fondue Sauces
A fancy name for the wonderful memories of warm, rich chocolate with clinging features for dipping fresh fruit & sugar cookies.
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Solutions Condiments
From our family pantry of condiments. They're just what are needed to add pizazz and a zesty finish to your own recipe.
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Not Cool
Hot Sauces

Not Cool Hot Sauces
This new trio of progressively hotter sauces are an all natural way to dial up the interest and zing in foods of all kinds.
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Spirit of the Wild
Sandwich Spread/Dipping Sauces

Spirit of the Wild Dipping Sauces
Our Spirit of the Wild Spread/ Sauce is a charcuterie sauce for meat sticks and jerky. But it is equally fabulous with cold cuts of all kinds.
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Gift Sets

Gift Baskets & Gift Sets
Fine gourmet food is always a welcome gift and Seasons Harvest offers a wide variety of gift sets attractively packaged and ready to ship.
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Flavor Secrets:
Back to the Basics

"Flavor Secrets: Back to the Basics"
Chef Lynn Miller's cookbook, FLAVOR SECRETS: BACK TO THE BASICS
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